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Global Banking Treasury System

International Banking in a Box, a collaborative platform with full or light white label built for web delivery to customers, back office and treasury.

World Instant Payments

Global payment network for global instant payments in any currency including fiat, commodities and digital on and off blockchain.

Anonymity with Accountability

Collection and management of customer information. Users manage their privacy and share to relevant parties Including banks, Telco, business partners...

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Latest News

Dec 1fst, 2023

Announcing the Launch of Reg2 Wallet

World KYC unveils the Reg2 Wallet (REGistered with REGulators), a groundbreaking innovation designed to ...

Nov 7th, 2023

New Partnership Agreement with Telebucks

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital finance, the paramount concern has always been to strike a balance between accessibility and security. ....

Sept 20th, 2023

“Pitch Perfect” with Hervé Lacorne on Sept 29th

At the Standard Hotel in Bangkok for an enlightening session on secure communication and fraud prevention. ....