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Global Tribe DeFi signs historic landmark endorsement and band council resolution with Foothills Ojibiway First Nation.

Global Tribe DeFi (Global Tribe) and Foothills Ojibway First Nation announce a groundbreaking tribal resolution that marks a significant step towards the creation of an inclusive global financial infrastructure for indigenous peoples and communities worldwide. This new partnership not only cements their shared vision but also marks the launch of the Global Tribe Token (AHO), the first digital currency authorised through Foothills Ojibiway, which will contribute to the economic development of Foothills Ojibway First Nation directly and indirectly.

The signing of a tribal resolution enables Global Tribe to issue participation on behalf of Foothills Ojibway First Nation as its technology service provider and advisor, and paves the way for the creation of a financial system that will empower underserved and unbanked communities. This resolution is the culmination of months of collaboration and hard work between the two and sets the stage for an evolution in regenerative and participatory finance.

Global Tribe was founded with the vision of supporting the socio-economic development of tribal communities worldwide by reconnecting people of Tribal Nations around the world with sources of capital.

Chief Jim Ochise, leader of the Foothills Ojibiway First Nation, in completing the resolution shared a teaching for this historic moment:


“The Creator’s plan is already written down. The puzzle is already there. We put the puzzle together from different parts of this world. It Has existed since time immemorial. It existed in the constellations. Nobody can change the stars. It has always been as it is. Everything that we needed– the technology, the energy, the people– they are there… It is up to us to put that puzzle together. Creator gave us everything that we need. It is up to us to figure out that puzzle…

The creator's natural instructions are to work together, because we are already connected. The Spirit has its own science…The intent is a good intention; to look after eachother, our families, and to look after the world and take care of it. That is what the Creator gave us. We have to do it ourselves. We have to look for it, we have to put it together, we have to see it and use it…The spirit is technology… of the mind of the puzzle– the connection. We cannot be here without the spirit, without the connection, without the creation of the world. That is the natural order.

It is good that we come together like this. There are things that are happening to us in different parts of the world. We need to correct things to the way they should be. It has been unbalanced for hundreds of years for the next generation. Into success, we need that spirit. We cannot succeed without the spirit.”

Through its five strategic thrusts, including promoting digital transformation and economy, transforming indigenous communities into inclusive digital societies, creating a trustworthy, safe, and ethical environment, and training digital talents, Global Tribe is dedicated to supporting the socio-economic development of tribal communities worldwide.

This landmark agreement with Foothills Ojibway First Nation will enable Global Tribe to further these objectives and thrusts and bring this vision to life. Each digital currency authorised through Global Tribe will contribute to the economic development of Foothills Ojibway First Nation directly and indirectly, through revenue sharing with the tribe, attracting new technology companies and direct investment, and contributing to STEM and cultural educational development.

"This agreement is a significant step forward in our efforts to create an inclusive global financial infrastructure for indigenous peoples and nations, as well as all underserved and unbanked people" said Andrew T. Ayres, CEO and founder of Global Tribe. "We are committed to supporting the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Peoples Rights and Freedoms consistent with articles 20, 21, 38, and 39. With this resolution in place we are demonstrating our resolve to improve the conditions of poverty, unemployment, and underdevelopment in indigenous communities worldwide. It is an honour to be entrusted as the technology service provider and advisor to Foothills Ojibway. Global Tribe is ready, willing, and able to provide the technological and human capital means to empower indigenous communities worldwide, and we look forward to making this vision a reality.”

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