Foreign Exchange

.01 Context

The bank's business model has been profoundly transformed. The back, middle or front offices are replaced by platforms, networks and codes. The bank is driven to change models by automating transactions, processing and retailing of financial services through the cloud and using APIs.

.02 Situation

To remain competitive and even increase their transaction revenue, banks need to transform themselves by becoming more flexible, updating their system, collaborating with trusted providers or see themselves gradually losing their largest customers. leveraging cloud computing, and APIs.

.03 Problem

The opportunity for FX revenue if not balanced with risk management can have irreparable cost to banks. Implementation of decentralized risk management tools can be impracticable for smaller banks. Most FX products provide tools to identify but not mitigate risks. Some platforms provide a customer facing interfaces but no alternate channels such as branches and call centers. Human capital is often difficult to justify.

.04 Principles resolution

The Foreign Exchange product is a complete front, middle, and back-office solution for rapidly delivering the next generation of online FX trading to your customers worldwide. It has been designed to provide your financial institution with the ability to execute multiple transaction types including foreign exchange spots, forward outrights, forward windows, and swaps.

.05 Solution

The FX product is a complete front, middle, and back-office with multi channel trading via multi layered APIs online or in branch.. Pricing for RFQs is customized with currency pair and direction granularity ensuring risk reward balance at the product level including spots, forward outrights, and windows. FX risk is auto-covered or bank managed or at the position or transaction level.

.06 Information

The FX platform is highly customisable and closely integrated with the global payments and FCA, Multicurrency wallet, and any other platform through rest API. It is built to be managed through decentralized interface securely over the Internet, or via API connected aplets. Instruments supported go beyond fiat currencies with digital currencies, including crypto, loyalty, securities and commodities (Gold, silver…)


  • Spot Trades
  • Forward Outright Trades
  • Forward Window Trades
  • Swaps

  • Features

  • Real-time rate feed
  • Online confirmations
  • User limits
  • Profitability reporting
  • Contract limits
  • E-mail notifications of transaction events
  • Customizable screens using XSL
  • Spread templates using tiered pricing
  • Position management reports (forward, cash, etc.)
  • Outsourced processing capabilities
  • Integrated WKYC checker, audit tracking, and regulatory reporting
  • Standard and customizable reporting by security group level
  • User management and multiple location option for banks and clients
  • Dual or single control option for corporate clients
  • SWIFT Compatible, Text, XML
  • Standardized GUI can be privately labeled to bank brand
  • Simplified menus with wizards for complex/customizable options
  • Integrated help system with keyword glossary, FAQs, and help articles
  • 24/7 access to trading
  • Deal history search
  • FX trade override
  • Margin holds
  • Winstant Galaxy

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