Physical or Digital Trusted Keys

Physical or Digital Trusted Keys

.01 Context

The digital transformation has completely transformed financial transactions by focusing more and more on the natural and legal person. The finance provided by technology therefore requires banks to improve the experience of their customers, businesses and individuals. The first step is to offer a customer knowledge solution, allowing highly secure transactions to be carried out.

.02 Situation

Financial institutions are looking for secure digital identity solutions, a secure and efficient KYC, simple authentication systems and improved document signing procedures. They seek to join a network in which users control their own identity using their mobile phones and interact securely with all kinds of institutions - governments, banks, retailers, hotels, universities and others -.

.03 Problem

Institutions seek to solve problems such as the difficulty of users to securely connect to applications and services without using a password, put their final credentials online to verify their identity as and when required , protect yourself against identity theft fraud and access advanced services.

.04 Solution

In WorldKYC data only be shared via links, but we provide a means by which the authority to access these links can be delegated to a physical device (e.g. a NFC Card or dongle) or as a digital key.

.05 Information

In such a case the device itself provides the basic security to access the data and thus enables a tab-and-kyc process, which is a great tool, not only when you are at conferences or meetings.
As an advanced feature by delegating the authority to a digital key you can provide access to banking information e.g. if you would like to get paid without sharing the actual banki information. Instead the digital key points to the bank details and the participating institution, through WinstantPay can complete the transaction.

.06 Functionalities

Revoking the rights of that key is as simple as recreating a new token for it or removing it.

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