Multicurrency Wallet

Multicurrency Wallet

.01 Context

The finance provided by technology has changed the banking sector. They create new, increasingly global business models linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, they are increasingly focused on the person, natural or legal, client or non-client of banks, and promotes financial inclusion. Digital finance lays the foundation for fundamentally more global and inclusive economies.

.02 Situation

To meet the needs of natural and legal persons, banks must offer financial services that allow everyone, regardless of their situation, to have access to financial transactions and to take advantage of opportunities. This financial inclusion strategy concerns populations, but also small and medium-sized enterprises by promoting payments from abroad and opening up the export market.

.03 Problem

Banks do not always have transparent digital payments 24 × 7 x 365. They must implement the right tools to support the nine major changes in digital finance: real time, anytime and anywhere, in any currency, with maximum security, transparent, personalized, for everyone, for everyone, even the most inaccessible, at the lowest cost.

.04 Solution

Our product is a global multi-currency web wallet that provides access to instant payments and currency exchange. It has multiple accounts in various freely selectable currencies, including cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). It allows quick and instant payments via QR codes, aliases, numbers and NFC means.

.05 Information

The multi-currency wallet can contain a multitude of different currencies. The customer can make and receive payments in any of these accounts. Depending on local regulatory volumes and requirements, our system coordinates with regulators around the world who take responsibility for combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism. These agencies are responsible for maintaining financial transparency and requiring financial institutions to implement certain basic controls, including: banks and financial service providers must know who their customers are (aka KYC).

.06 Functionalities

Instant payments

Any currencies including digital securities crypto stable coins for settlement
Eco friendly settlement of nano crypto payment
Crypto custody
Real time exchange currency
Auto convert with liquidation preference for cross currency payments
Business - Dual control option for payments
Business - Final payment - No chargeback
Anonymous payments for privacy

Business - Auto bill payment with customer delegated authority embedded in TrustedKey
Cash loading via partners including PiPit
Multi user payment receipt accountability
APIs for mass payments
To complete an instant payment, you simply enter the receiver's account alias or pick from a list of prior

Wallet-g holds and maintains all your account balances and gives you easy access to your past transactions and account statements.

To manage various accounts the company can seamlessly transfer funds between your accounts.

Multi currency accounts

Convert & exchange

KYC compliance

Winstant Galaxy

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