Winstant joins Forces with Next Fintech

Next WIN Binding Term Sheet

Winstant Ltd. (WIN) joins Forces with Next Fintech* (Next) to commercialize financial technology and services under the Next brand.

A binding term sheet between Next and WIN starts with a NEXT WIN division starting collaboration immediately generating fee income while an intended merger is finalized. Next WIN now provides financial technology for small banks and fintechs, in house, as a service and banking as a service.

WIN proprietary Asset Management platform empowers the digitalisation, exchange and transfer of any kind of asset including securities, debt, commodities, loyalty point, crypto currencies and traditional fiat currency.

Platforms such as Cash App and Robinhood generated billions of dollars in revenue from many small US investors investing in a few public companies for the benefit of large US entities.
Next WIN allows individuals and businesses of any size to invest, trade and transfer small to large companies world wide, as well as commodities including silver and gold.

The innovative technology of “World KYC” enables cross-border asset transfers while maintaining complete compliance with FATF Travel Rule, safeguarding privacy, and lowering identity fraud.

WIN will sell its products and services under the Next brand on a revenue sharing basis until the merger is finalized.

* NextFinTech is the FinTech division of NextPlay Technologies, Inc (“NextPlay”, “NXTP”)

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