Get your lost items back with ZKP privacy

Get your lost items back with ZKP privacy
The world's first Zero Knowledge Proof Tag

We are pleased to announce the launch of SCAN 2 find us, the world's first Zero Knowledge Proof Tag. Scan2Find APP that combines cutting-edge technology with practical applications that revolutionize lost and found, keeping all parties safe from data theft. No personal details are ever disclosed. The platform ensures that no tracking technology can be connected to the tags dismissing all privacy concerns.

Let’s explore its different facets for Web3 Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) Tags. These tags allow you to share only the information you want and update it at any time.

They are designed for various use cases:

  • Valuables Protection: Attach these tags to luggage, bags, electronics, sports equipment, and outdoor wear. If any of these items go missing, the SCAN2find tags provide the recovery information you choose to share while being updatable and secured.
  • For pets: These tags help you prepare for unexpected events. They store emergency contact information and keep key details up-to-date for worldwide recovery.

L2S features and benefits:

  • Keep recovery information updated and secured. Updates your information with precise instructions to expedite and incentivize recovery.
  • Inclusive global reach: No need for any software to scan. Inclusive, simple QR code ensures low resolution cameras can easily scan without delay. The user interface will display in the language of the finder.
  • A cost-effective way to safeguard all of your belongings and guarantee your family's privacy. S2F QR can be shipped or printed
  • The S2F QR code weatherproof adhesive stickers can be attached to personal items. Each set comes with 20 stickers in different sizes and shapes, making them versatile for various uses.

SCAN2find Enhanced Security and Privacy:
With Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) Tags, SCAN2find ensures privacy and security. Whether you’re tagging luggage, pets, or medical information, your data remains confidential.
Scan2find Tags Stickers are now available. For more information visite

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